November’s “Is This Love: 80’s Power Ballads” Playlist

Hello, and happy November everyone!  I can’t believe that it is almost the end of 2017, can you?  I mean, it seems like it was only a short while ago since our last Thanksgiving holiday.  Even so, I love this time of year, and I am SUPER excited about our musical theme for this month!

Fun fact about me:  I am OBSESSED with Stranger Things, a Netflix original series that has recently been taking over my life.  Just a few days ago, Netflix released the highly anticipated second season of the series, and all I can say is, GO WATCH THE SHOW (if you haven’t already)!!!  Pros of the show: it is well written and has a fantastic story line that keeps you on edge, you fall in love with the characters (especially the kids!), genres of sci-fi/drama/horror/romance all rolled into one, and all of this takes place in the nostalgia of the 80’s.  If that doesn’t grab your attention, just watch this trailer for the first season:

Yeah, GO WATCH IT!!!

Let’s be real though…this is really the best show that I have watched in a while.  Would anyone else who has seen it agree?  Another aspect that I absolutely love about this show is, you guessed it, the music.  Combine the iconic music of the early 80’s decade along with sweet electronics and strange horror effects, and you’ve got a unique yet slightly reminiscent soundtrack for this show.  It is epic!




So, in honor of the new season of Stranger Things, and because the music of the 80’s is just so legendary, this month is going to be dedicated to power ballads of the 80’s!  I have made a playlist of 25 of my favorite emotional love ballads by artists such as Journey, Bon Jovi, Heart, and more!  Grab your Walkman and a lot hairspray, because the 80’s are back, baby!

November’s “Is This Love: 80’s Power Ballads” Playlist

  1. Is This Love by Whitesnake
  2. Alone by Heart
  3. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) by Cinderella
  4. Open Arms by Journey
  5. Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison
  6. I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner
  7. Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon
  8. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship
  9. Carrie by Europe
  10. I’ll Be There For You by Bon Jovi
  11. Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler
  12. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) by Phil Collins
  13. Hard To Say I’m Sorry by Chicago
  14. (I Just) Died In Your Arms by Cutting Crew
  15. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You by Michael Bolton
  16. Listen To Your Heart by Roxette
  17. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All by Air Supply
  18. Amanda by Boston
  19. Forever by KISS
  20. Heaven by Warrant
  21. Kyrie by Mr. Mister
  22. Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen
  23. Just Like Jesse James by Cher
  24. When I See You Smile by Bad English
  25. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Guess what?!  I now have a Spotify playlist!  You can listen to any of these songs there (link is below), or you can watch their music videos on my YouTube playlist!  Your pick 🙂

Spotify Playlist

YouTube Playlist

Do you have any favorite power ballads from the 80’s?  If so, comment below!  I love listening to new music and getting y’alls musical suggestions!  You can also email me (, contact me here, or message me on Twitter!

I hope you enjoy this month’s playlist! Until next week…

♪ Lauren

PS: You can check out any of my previous playlists on my main blog page, as well as on my ofmusicandmuses Spotify and YouTube channel.

PPS:  I have a new Tumblr (I got crazy this week, haha)!  It’s fairly new, so I only have maybe one post up, but its all about my obsession with the world of K-Pop!  I’m @illegirl94, give it some love here!



October Grab Bag: My Top 5 Monster Songs

Hello everyone, and happy almost Halloween!  As October is drawing to a close, and as your Halloween festivities begin (or are continuing), I’ve decided to make a fun Monday post to celebrate!  Normally, my posts run on a set four-week schedule with a different category each week, but since there are five weeks this month, I’ve decided here on out that the fifth week will be a “Grab Bag” week!  The Grab Bag post will be a shorter, fun, maybe random post to finish up the month’s theme.  Here goes!


Halloween is a time for spooky scary skeletons, wicked witches, and yes, MONSTERS!  October is all about monsters, and our popular culture has given in to their appeal.  We love monsters, and so does the music industry!  Just think about how many songs have the word “monster” in their title.  I’m sure you can come up with a few at least…there are TONS!  So, in honor of all the monster mashes out there, here is a list of my top 5 favorite songs titled “Monster”!

“Monster” by Skillet


Year: 2009

*This is the first song that I ever heard from this band, and I fell in love with it at first listen.  A first person take on the monster concept, using the monster as a metaphor for internal conflict and sinful human nature.

It’s hiding in the dark, its teeth are razor-sharp
There’s no escape for me, it wants my soul, it wants my heart
No one can hear me scream, maybe it’s just a dream
Maybe it’s inside of me, stop this monster


“Monster” by Michael Jackson (feat. 50 Cent)

Album: Michael

Year: 2010

*Despite the controversy with Michael’s first posthumous album, mainly with a questioning of the authenticity of his vocals, I still think this song is a great representation of the evil side of fame.  Also a great depiction of the monsters in Hollywood that Michael had to deal with in, aka, paparazzi.

He’s coming at ya
Coming at ya rather too fast
Mama say mama got you in a zig zag
And you’re running
And you’re running just to escape it
But they are gunning for the money
So they fake it


“Monster” by Imagine Dragons

Album: Smoke + Mirrors

Year: 2013

*One of my all time favorite Imagine Dragons songs.  Another song dealing with personal monsters and the fear of not fitting in with society.

If I told you what I was
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because
Everything I touch isn’t dark enough
If this problem lies in me


“Monster” by Paramore

Album:  Transformers: Dark of the Moon OST

Year: 2011

*This song is up for interpretation; some say it is about the Farro brothers departure from the band, others think it’s about the band’s experimentation with their new sound.  Whatever the meaning, the sound enough suggests a monstrous vibe with its grungy feel and booming guitars.

I’ll stop the whole world, I’ll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster and eating us alive
Don’t you ever wonder how we survive?
Well now that your gone, the world is ours


“Monster” by EXO

Album: EX’ACT

Year: 2016

*Nine beautiful Korean men calling themselves monsters and controlling/creeping into your heart. ‘Nuff said.

I’m engraved in your heart
So even if I die, I’ll live forever
Come here girl, you call me monster
I’ll go into your heart


What are some of your favorite monster songs?  Feel free to share them in the comments below!  This was such a fun post to make, I hope you all enjoyed it!  Have a Happy Halloween everyone, see you again in November!

♪ Lauren

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Life Update #2: New Journeys and Halloween Feels

Hey everybody!  The weather is absolutely dreadful in the NC mountains right now…perfect blogging weather!  It’s time for my monthly check-in with anyone who has been keeping up with the Of Music And Muses blog (it also serves as somewhat of a self check-in!).  This is my second month as a new blogger, and I feel like I’m growing more and more with each post in my writing style.  I am also establishing writing habits this month, and I have a pretty set schedule down as to when I need to collect information and begin the writing process.  Blogging is more involved than I initially thought!  All in all, I am still having a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to keep writing and growing my blog 🙂

Just like last month, I’d like to take a moment to get some input from you guys!  How am I doing?  What are your thoughts on the blog so far?  Are my posts enjoyable?  Relatable?  Is there anything specific that I can change or that you would be interested in seeing?  Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!!!



Just like the leaves of October, this month has been a month of change for me.  I am still on the job hunt.  I have been at this for months now, and getting turned down by church after church has honestly been a little bit discouraging.  However, it has also reminded me that there is a better, more fitting job for me out there.  My faith is keeping me grounded, and I know that God has a plan for me!  I have interviewed with some other places not in my field of study, just to gain experience and save up some money until I can find that perfect music ministry job, or maybe even continue my education and get my master’s degree.  We’ll see!

I have also started back on a weight loss program called Weight Watchers.  As I constantly struggle with my weight, I had started this program months ago and had actually lost quite a bit of weight.  With moving back home and being under constant stress of finding a job though, I kind of gained most of what I lost back.  Oops.  I decided that it’s time to go on this journey again, not just for my physical well-being, but also my mental well-being.  I forgot how much fun this program was!  I am back to having a more consistent life schedule, and I and doing some good for my body and soul in the process.  For anyone else who is struggling with weight, this program is so great for establishing healthy eating/moving/life habits, and it works!



I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!  Literally, everything about it.  Halloween, the leaves, the weather, the candy, pumpkins, pumpkin spice, everything!  There is something that just feels so warm and cozy about this time of year, despite the dropping temperatures.  My family and I did our annual pumpkin carving get-together this weekend, complete with roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin bread (not the best for someone who is trying to eat healthier, but a little splurge doesn’t hurt anyone, right?!). I was super excited about having a “Halloween themed” blog this month, and I think I actually started planning this month’s playlist before anything else!  The movie “Hocus Pocus” is even serving as my background noise as I write this 🙂  Do y’all love this season too?  Only eight more days until Halloween 🎃


You have probably heard that the great Tom Petty passed away earlier this month.  His music has been on repeat ever since I heard the news.  Some of my earliest musical memories include me and my dad riding around in his old Ford pickup, singing “Free Fallin'” to the top of our lungs.  Your music is simply iconic, may you rest in peace Tom.

Demi Lovato released a new autobiographic documentary recently on YouTube that I highly recommend you all watch (click the link here!).  She shares many of her struggles with us in this very real look at her “Simply Complicated” life.  This song is played at the end of the documentary, and I put the live studio version here for your enjoyment.  I am just floored at the raw emotion in this performance…I have no other words.

Well, I think that I am going to bring this post to a close.  The power just went out at my house, and I don’t know how long my laptop battery is going to last!  Again, thank you all for your comments and support.  I hope you enjoyed this month of Schwarze Musik related posts!  Stay tuned for next week’s Grab Bag post, next month’s new musical theme, and check in every Monday for more Music and Muses!

♪ Lauren

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Listen to the October Schwarze Musk Playlist here!

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Halloween Harmonies (and the lack thereof?)

Imagine that it’s the day after Thanksgiving for a second.  You are just now getting over your food coma, you are getting  ready to implement another food coma with leftover pie and stuffing, and you turn on the radio…just because.  What music do you hear playing?  That’s right.  More than likely, the tunes of “Jingle Bells” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” will be stepping out of hibernation and into the spotlight for the next two-ish months.  Yes, Christmas is quite a lovely time of year, and there is some great music that comes out of this holiday season, but it seems like we don’t even have time to digest our turkey before we start hearing songs about silver bells and red-nosed reindeer.


Now, there is another holiday that is coming up very soon that, like Christmas, requires elaborate preparations, is associated with a particular season, and is tied into consumer culture (just walk into any Wal-Mart or Target right now and see for yourself).  Right again!  Halloween is in our midst, and the only music that we have to show for it is Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and some spooky scary ambiance music complete with randomly placed high-pitched screams and screeching cats.  Why the lack of Halloween music, huh?  Musically speaking, it seems as if we jump right over the Fall holidays and go right into Christmas.  It can’t ALL be “Ghostbusters” and “Monster Mash, right?  Let’s look at a couple of reasons why Halloween might not be as much of a musically inclined season as Christmas.


  1. Holiday vs Event

As far as holiday’s go, Halloween and Christmas are celebrated in different ways.  In the weeks leading up to Halloween, you might purchase copious amounts of candy, pumpkins, and costume supplies, but do you actually think of these days as the “Halloween season”?  And are these trips to the grocery and retail stores part of your “Halloween shopping” experience?  No, probably not.  This is because Halloween (compared to Christmas) is celebrated as an event rather than a holiday.  There is a lack of Halloween music in the same way that there is a lack of Super Bowl music; both mark more as events as opposed to holidays.


2. “Halloween-esque” Music

Now, with the above being said, there is more to Halloween music than monsters mashing and SFX ghosts moaning.  You can find “Halloween-esque” hits (spooky sounding and/or spooky lyrics) throughout many genres of music.  Heck, I even created a whole playlist of these songs in a blog I wrote a few weeks back (you can check that out right here!).  Rock, pop, and even classical genres have provided us with some creepy tunes that might not be labeled directly as Halloween songs, but definitely carry some Halloween themes amidst the lyrics and chord progressions.  Take the Camille Saint-Saëns Op. 40 “Danse Macabre” for example.  This French 19th century work, complete with violin playing the “Devil’s chord” and a xylophone making sounds symbolizing “rattling bones” just screams Halloween!


So, I guess that while there is a lack of music that is specifically designated for the Halloween holiday due to its event tendencies, the amount of Halloween themed songs/compositions compensates.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll have even more Halloween songs in the future, and we might even play them all the way into November (sorry Thanksgiving, where is your music?!?)!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!  Do you think Halloween deserves more songs of its own?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!  You can also email me (, contact me here, or message me on Twitter!  Until next week…

♪ Lauren

PS: Read the NPR article that was the inspiration for this blog here!

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October Music Spotlight: “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” by Stevie Nicks

Any American Horror Story fans in the house?  It has been a while since I have watched this popular TV show, and even when I was watching it regularly, some episodes honestly wigged me out a little bit!  October is in full swing, however, and with this month comes a plethora of Halloween-inspired movies, music, and TV shows for the enjoyment of cable-viewers.  I am heavily debating revisiting my favorite season of the series, which is Coven.  Besides from being one of the few seasons that I understood (well, as much as you can understand a season of AHS) and thoroughly enjoyed, Coven also featured one of my favorite singers/musical inspirations in an episode.  Yup…AHS is where Stevie Nicks made her acting debut, and she was flawless.  This particular episode was inspired not only by the music and style of Nicks, but also by rumors that Nicks herself is a witch!


Now, Nicks has said that these witchy rumors (which probably originated from the “Rhiannon” Welsh witch story, her clothing, etc.) are absolutely untrue.  Many of her songs do, however, seem to have been inspired by the dark and supernatural.  We’re going to look at one of these songs, which happens to have been inspired by the ever-popular Twilight Saga!


Some call her strange lady from the mountains
Well, yes, and others say she’s not really real
Like a candle burns bright
And it wants to burn faster
Well, maybe then, at least, she really feels
She really feels

Burning like a candle in the middle
She’s lonely, lost, she’s disconnected.
She finds no comfort in her surroundings.
Beautiful, insecure, she has nothing.
She moves from situation to situation, like a ghost.
Then she see’s him, candle burning.

It’s strange, she runs with the ones she can’t keep up with
It’s so strange, slows down, so desperate to stop her
Meet her in the middle, they both run from the one who hunts them.
They drop to the forest floor, frozen,
They drop to the forest floor, frozen

He loves her, but he loves his life alone as well
But does he know the road or the reasons why
Well, if he leaves her
He’d be losing the chance to stay alive
Well, the candle burns bright
Then the candle dies
Burning from the middle
Like a candle

It’s strange, she runs with the ones she can’t keep up with
It’s so strange, slows down, so desperate to stop her
Meet her in the middle, they both run from the one who hunts them.
They drop to the forest floor, frozen,
They drop to the forest floor, frozen

Strange, she’s laid on the floor in silent pain
Strange, she sat in the chair for months just staring
Strange, she knows too much to walk away
Strange, she couldn’t do it anyway,
Strange, she’s laid on the floor in silent pain
Strange, she sat in the chair for months just staring
Strange, she knows too much to walk away
Strange, she couldn’t do it anyway

He slows down, he slows down,
He slows down,
She couldn’t do it
She couldn’t do it

In 2011, Nicks released her In Your Dreams album, where storytelling plays an important role in many of the songs that it features.  “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) is a Gothic ballad that was started off by her in the mid-70’s and was originally about her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, but was finished after seeing the Twilight: New Moon film in 2009.


She explained to Spinner UK: “The first and the third verse in ‘Moonlight’ were written in the mid-70’s. The second verse – ‘She’s lonely, lost, and disconnected’ – was written in Brisbane right after I saw the movie. So the song, really, is ancient times up to today.
The chorus – ‘It’s strange, she runs from the ones she can’t keep up with’ – is all about the love affair between Bella and Edward (in Twilight: New Moon). But ‘Some call her strange lady from the mountains/Others say she’s not really real,’ that’s written in 1976. The same with the third verse: ‘He loves her, but he loves his life alone as well’ — people would think that was written about Edward, but it was written about Lindsey. So this really is an ancient song that encompasses my strange and everlasting relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, and Bella and Edward, all mixed into one.”

Nicks told Spinner UK how her relationship with Buckingham could be called “vampiric.” She explained: “As much as we fight and have our differences of opinion on almost everything, if anything were to happen to either of us, I would be the first one there and he would be the first one here. So it is a story about how love never dies.”


Isn’t it amazing how an idea like a “vampiric relationship” could literally transcend decades?  This song itself has transcended decades, even in the writing process!  This is one of the many reasons why I love this song, and why Stevie Nicks is one of my favorite musicians of all time!  Please excuse me as I go rewatch Coven 🙂

Do y’all have a favorite Stevie Nicks song?  What did you guys think about her cameo in AHS?  Feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions below, here, and on my Twitter!  Also, give Stevie Nicks some love and listen to any of her songs wherever you listen to music!  Until next week…

♪ Lauren

PS: Listen to this song and more “Schwarze Music” on my October Playlist!

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Blog Inspiration

Stevie GIF:×10-stevie-nicks-ahs-coven/72738041646

New Moon Poster:


October’s “Schwarze Musik” Playlist

October is officially my favorite month of the whole year.  The fall weather is absolutely perfect during this month.  Peak season for the leaves occurs, and it is absolutely gorgeous here in the mountains I call home.  All of the things associated with fall start making their debut in October, including sweaters, boots, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes (call me basic, but those things are delicious).  And best of all, Halloween!  The darkness and mystery that accompany this famous holiday have inspired this month’s playlist in a compilation of songs that I’d like to call Schwarze Musik”.

In trying to rack my brain for song that fit the “Halloween Spirit” without going all “Monster Mash” or “Thriller” on you all, I did some research.  In my research, I encountered an interesting German term called Scwarze Szene, which roughly translates to “black scene” or “dark culture”.  This term refers to a movement that began back in the 1990’s when it developed in Germany “as a way of describing several different dark musical genres and lifestyles. It is not a genre in itself nor a club with set rules and boundaries but rather a term that defines several different styles. The underlying unifying thread within this movement was an interest in dark, alternative culture.” (From Dominion Magazine.)  I’ll talk more about this movement throughout the month as I make more blog posts, but for now, I will use Schwarze Musik” as an umbrella term for music with dark underlying themes and tones.


For this week, I have complied a playlist of 20 songs that (in my opinion) fit under the Schwarze Musik genre.  You will see songs from artists like My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, and others. You might listen to these songs to better understand the depth and emotion that goes into writing and composing songs.  Or, you might just want to get into a “Halloween mood”.  In that case, here is a more sophisticated Halloween party playlist!  I will have a *DISCLAIMER* though: some of these songs talk about really intense emotions, and the music videos that accompany a few of these songs may not be for the faint of heart (VIXX’s VOODOO DOLL MV is a bit gory, for example).  So, listen to these songs and watch these videos at your own discretion. Otherwise, delve headfirst into music of the “Black Scene”!

October’s Schwarze Musik Playlist

  1. Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
  2. Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) by Stevie Nicks
  3. Bury Me Alive by We Are The Fallen
  4. Heathens by TWENTY ØNE PILØTS
  5. Cold Blood Inside by SadDoLLs
  6. Zombie by The Cranberries
  8. Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco
  9. Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins
  10. Psycho by Muse
  11. Stricken by Disturbed
  12. 7 Days To The Wolves by Nightwish
  13. Die Trying by Art Of Dying
  14. Haunted by Evanescence
  15. The Kill (Bury Me) by Thirty Seconds To Mars
  16. Requiem by Avenged Sevenfold
  17. Devil Inside by London Grammar
  18. Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden
  19. Howl by Florence And The Machine
  20. In The End by Black Veil Brides

You can listen to all of these songs on my YouTube Playlist!

I love listening to new music!  Do you have any Halloween favorites or favorite songs that are dark and mysterious?  I’d love to hear them!  Send me your suggestions in the comments below.  You can also email me (, contact me here, or message me on Twitter!

You can also check out this blog to learn more about the Schwarze Szene.

I hope you all enjoy this playlist!  Happy October everyone🎃

♪ Lauren

Life Update #1: Blogs, Job Hunts, and Coffee (of course)

Hey everybody!  It is the fourth and final week of our September coffee shop music theme.  It is also nearing the end of my first full month as a blogger!  I have really enjoyed learning about the blogosphere through writing and reading various blogs.  This is such a great community here on WordPress; I love how you can literally read and write about anything under the sun!  I have also rediscovered my love of writing through this process, and I can’t wait to refine my style and learn even more about blogging in the coming months!

For this blog post, I just casually want to chat and share some of my personal experiences and thoughts from the past month.  I’d also love to get some input from you all about my first month of blogging.  How am I doing?  Do you all like the format of these posts? Am I missing something?   Is there something else you’d like to see on the main blog page?  Please feel free to give me some criticism!


This month has been quite hectic for me personally.  I’ve been in the process of job hunting, and I tell you what, IT IS STRESSFUL.  I have been searching for church music directing positions in my area for a while, and I am realizing just how hard it is for people right out of college to find work in their field of study.  I finally got accepted to do an audition at a church close to Nashville, TN, and I traveled there a few days ago to visit and interview with them.  I conducted their choir and met a lot of nice people; I believe it went well!  I’ll keep you all updated on the job hunt, and for anyone in the same boat as I am, DON’T GIVE UP!!!  The right opportunity will come along for you…keep applying (even if it gets tedious) and keep trying (even if you get turned down).  Have faith that everything will work out in the end; I surely have to keep reminding myself this!



As you can probably tell by my blog posts this month, I LOVE COFFEE!!!  Coffee has gotten me through music school, provided me with a paycheck last year, and has given me a small caffeine addiction that I am oddly enough okay with.  Working as a barista helped me to appreciate coffee, where it comes from, and all of the work it takes to get from bean to mug.  Coffee has given us such a fascinating and fun culture too; coffee shops provide a great venue for creativity and a chill atmosphere to relax and enjoy life.  Whenever I visit a new place, one of the first things I do is scout out the local coffee shops.  I think local coffee speaks for the location itself!  Everyone should go and support their local coffee shops. Who knows?  You might just find a new, cool place to hang out (or better yet, a new favorite beverage)!  Go feed your own coffee addiction!


For those that ask me, “What is your favorite song”, I can never give them a direct answer.  My taste in music changes so much and there is so much great music out there, so I can never pick a “favorite song”.  Listening to new music is also a fun hobby of mine, I highly recommend it!  I will, however, come across songs that leave an immediate impression on me.  I call these my Jams, and at my discretion, I have every right to change them or to find new ones 😊 Here are some of the Jams that I have been enjoying this month:


So…I have recently fallen down the rabbit hole that is K-POP, and I am not ashamed to admit it.  This is a whole other realm of music that I had no idea existed until about five months ago, and it has been SO MUCH FUN learning about all of these highly talented groups and listening to this great music!  If you haven’t given K-POP a try yet, do yourself a favor and DO IT!  Okay, back to my point.  BTS, or 방탄소년단, has released a much awaited new album this month called LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’, and everyone is FREAKING OUT.  The seven-member group has gained much international recognition since their Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist win back in May, and as of today, their most recent music video for the album’s title track “DNA” (posted above) has received over 55 million on YouTube.  Impressive, right?  I have had their album on repeat since it came out last week, and I highly recommend every song on it!  With its diverse musical genres and socially conscious lyrics, this is an album with a little bit of something for everybody!

Here is another song from the album called “MIC Drop”, performed live at the BTS Comeback Show globally streamed live last week.  One thing that I have always admired about this group is their tactful combination of choreography, catchy songs, and socially aware lyrics.  This song in particular talks about overcoming the struggles that this group faces as award-winning entertainers, and they end the song by quite literally dropping the mic for the haters.  If you liked this song or “DNA”, go support these boys and check out the rest of the album wherever you listen to music!

I hope that you all have enjoyed learning about coffee shops and the music they play as much as I have this month.  Maybe you have learned about a new artist and have checked out some more of their music.  Or maybe you are just craving a coffee now.  Either way, I hope that you have a take-away from this month’s music!  Thank you for reading my posts and sharing your thoughts with me this month!  Stay tuned for next month’s new musical theme, and check in every Monday for more Music and Muses!

♪ Lauren

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